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Passion that lies within you is brought to the surface when you are inspired to serve a cause where you feel you can make a positive impact.

Speaking with Power and Purpose

Speaking with Power and Purpose One of the most important duties of a leader of any ministry is representing your organization to the public. If we don't describe the mission and cast the vision well, we won't have partners to help us make a positive impact in the lives of those we are trying to reach. Our audience, whether it be a church congregation, a civic club, etc., wants to be able to apply the information they've just heard. We need to tell them why they need to hear it and what we are going to be speaking to them about. A few of the characteristics of a great speaker are informative, memorable, and confident. Speaking of confidence, I know the days of feeling so thankful that there

Director off Duty

You know those moments when you are on the beach and the lifeguard is off duty? It makes you feel a little unsafe and encourages you to be alert and careful but you move forward and swim with confidence in yourself. It is the same with us as leaders and our teams. As the Director, you need time off to rejuvenate and your team must be able to "swim" alone for a little while. As important as the job is as a Lifeguard, our jobs are just as important as Lifesavers to the unborn. With such a heavy responsibility, our bodies need time to rest. Our minds need to rest as well to be able to be the visionary leader of our ministry. It takes effort to schedule time away from the daily responsibilitie

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