Grace...To Those Who Haven't Heard

As I sat in a Missions service, I listened as my heart was broken and set ablaze to help so many lost people groups. I heard from a family serving students in schools in Haiti that have been labeled terrorists as children and about missionaries in India reaching and rescuing young girls and women from sex slavery. As I listened and felt so thankful for these missionaries, my mind was continually thinking about the Pregnancy Center Missionaries. Maybe our local communities don't view Pregnancy Center servants as the typical missionaries to a lost nation but that is just who they are. The population served by Pregnancy Centers is one of the largest lost and hurting people groups. Many clients

Managing the Medical and the Ministry

For Pregnancy Centers that are offering medical services in addition to ministry services, balance and integrity is needed. In the hostile climate we work in today with the attacks that are often waged from pro-abortion opponents against Pregnancy Centers, we must adhere to strict standards of care. In doing so, we are ministering to our clients with integrity and we are protecting the operations God has entrusted to us. Many years ago, as a new Executive Director of a Pregnancy Medical Clinic, I quickly realized that there were many medical guidelines to adhere to. Ensuring that medical personnel are discussing medical information with clients and that we are always truthful that our ultras

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