If We're Honest....Self Image

When you reflect upon your self image, what do you see? When you contemplate on your physical and spiritual self, are your thoughts positive or are they shaped by the world? As I continue this series of posts, I want each of us to be encouraged and our thoughts renewed after reading. I believe that self image is a struggle for most women in how we view ourselves. With advertisements of thin models or seductive suggestions even in food commercials, and society's pressure of perfect bodies, we can feel like we just don't measure up. I have struggled with this through the years as I am sure many of you have. I can remember looking in the mirror and wishing my skin was more clear, my nose smalle

If We're Honest....brokenness

If we're honest. What do those words mean to you? For some, they mean truth in relationships or transparency in our souls. For others, these words mean healing and a journey of self-discovery reached. These three little words speak volumes and can express powerful meaning to many people. Christ has impassioned my heart to begin this series of blog posts titled, "If We're Honest," in the hope of reaching into the inner places of each of our hearts that Christ desires to reach. I was so touched when I recently heard the words in a song Francesca Battitstelli sings, "Bring your brokenness and I'll bring mine, 'cause love can heal what hurt divides and mercy's waiting on the other side...if we'r

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