Pregnancy Centers as Pro-life and Family Advocates

As a former Director of a Pregnancy Center, I am an advocate for the life of the unborn. I am also an advocate for the women and families experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Women should have information about alternatives to abortion, education about abortion risks, and compassionate support to assist them in making a pregnancy decision. Pregnancy Centers offer caring solutions to assist individuals and families but often when violence against abortionists or abortion clinics is reported, Pregnancy Centers are scrutinized because of their pro-life work. The recent shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic is not at all what Pregnancy Centers advocate. Utilizing violence does not end

Learning to Lead is Loving to Serve

Learning to Lead is Loving to Serve Many times in the role of leadership we hear, "Leaders must be servants." The Lord taught me the meaning of this phrase in a way He knew I would comprehend, by washing the feet of others (literally). You see, I had heard of a "Foot Washing" but had never attended one. I knew the biblical account of what transpired between Jesus and Peter when the Lord was teaching the meaning of servant hood but understood much better after this personal experience. I had just completed training as the new Executive Director of our center. I don't think the newness of the desk chair I was seated in each day had even worn off yet. This role was still very new and full of l

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