Financial Transparency & Fluency

In the midst of the many operations in a Pregnancy Center, Directors must also be fluent in the financial procedures. This fluency also enables us to exhibit complete transparency to our Donors and constituents. Across the nation in each center and/or medical clinic there are varying sizes of budgets and various procedures in the financial operations. Many are new centers and others have been founded for many years. Whether small or large in organizational size, we all possess the ability to ensure appropriate financial policies and procedures are in place. Accountability is a necessity. If having a bookkeeper on staff is not financially feasible, ensure that your bookkeeping methods are abo

Volunteer Venue

Recruiting and keeping volunteers is always a challenge in a non-profit. In a Pregnancy Center, there are many areas to serve but often the workers are few. Sound familiar? Jesus knew the harvest was waiting but the workers were few. We want our organization to be the venue that volunteers are seeking to serve at. There is a harvest at Pregnancy Centers that is beyond what most churches see. Many individuals cross our paths and enter our care rooms searching for hope and the one who can be the source. We have a great opportunity to impact many lives and infuse their hearts with love. How can we recruit the volunteers that will be passionate about bringing in the harvest? Here are a few helpf

Remember the Call to Action

​ I know so well the day in the life of a PRC Director when the copier is on the brink and you can't copy verification forms for clients or Board reports and needed documents. The internet is down and you can't pull up client files and the employees are struggling to perform their tasks. You're already short staffed and need to assist in the counseling room and you have a client that you're just not emotionally prepared for after the stress of the morning. You have a staff meeting at 12:00 pm, a webinar at 2:00 pm and a Board meeting at 6:00 pm at which time you'll inform the Board, "We need more funds." Before this day even began you had a sick little one at home that you needed a last-minu

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